Select your state to be brought to the page for your region or find and click on your region in the list below. The Region pages have contact information for the Regional Directors who will be happy to help you find a UFDC club near your home.

Region 1

Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Region 2N

Northern California, Nevada, Utah

Region 2S

Arizona, Southern California, and Hawaii

Region 3

New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas

Region 4

Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Region 5

Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri

Region 6

Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming

Region 7

Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Region 8

Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee

Region 9

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

Region 11

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

Region 13

Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Region 14

Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island

Region 15

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont