Dr. Vanessa E.P. Ghant

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Vanessa is a Modern Doll Collector. She makes medical play dolls and distributes them to various hospital pediatric wards in the Metropolitan Detroit area. The medical dolls are used to explain to children the diagnostic and surgical procedure their bodies will go through. Vanessa is married to Tommy and lives in suburban Detroit, Michigan. She has two adult daughters, Tammy and Nikeeta. Her family also includes her (living dolls) grandchildren, Corey, Jr. (5) and Corney (3) and a pet dog (Co Co) a Shih Tzu.

Vanessa is the founder and the current President of the Doll-licious Doll Club of Michigan and the owner of Dr. V. Doll Hospital. She is a member in good standing in several doll clubs locally and internationally.

Vanessa attended eight U.F.D.C. conventions and regional conferences. In addition, she attended several other doll conventions over the years. The Gene Doll Convention the Robert Tonner Doll Convention, the Grant-A-Wish Mini Doll Convention, and the Jason Wu Doll Convention are examples. She is actively involved in various U.F.D.C. convention activities. She has presented several doll seminars and dynamic doll dialogues. She worked in the mini office and completed the Judge Apprentice Program. In her spare time, Vanessa likes to make alternations on vinyl dolls. She dyes and changes their skin colors. Sometimes she applies eyelashes or re-roots their eyelashes. She also draws and makes tattoos for vinyl dolls. Vanessa has a doll Rescue Mission, which collects nude dolls during Christmas time.

Vanessa is the current Regional Director of region 12. She enjoys visiting the various doll clubs and doll shows. Vanessa is planning a regional conference for region 12 in 2017. She has been an actively engaged U.F.D.C. member since 1998. She attended her first U.F.D.C. convention in 2007 in Detroit, and entered a favorite doll in the competition exhibit and won her first blue ribbon. Since then she has not missed one convention.

Thanks to the U.F.D.C. fabulous conventions, Vanessa can say that now she has friends worldwide due to her passion for dolls.