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From the time I was born, we moved a lot as a family. A LOT! Two constants in my life? Art and dolls. Wherever we went, dolls traveled too, to all parts of the globe....along with my easel and my paints, not always easy to move. My mother said that I was born with a paint brush in one hand, a doll in the other and the car keys between my teeth!

The sight of a fine French bebe at the Museum of the City of New York was life-changing. I abandoned my admittedly really lovely Madame Alexander dolls and went for the antique in obsessive fashion. Bebes didn’t come my way for many years, but I did get a wonderful all-original antique German doll when I was twelve, who kept me company during more moves-every twenty minutes, as was our family joke. I learned to sew, using her as a model, when we lived in Australia, for twenty, etc....

Eventually, through the miracle of a doll show, in 1998 I discovered UFDC and my life changed again...for the much better. The people and the dolls and Federation itself have enriched my entire world. I am deeply thankful.