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I can only remember playing with dolls as young as two or three years of age at my Grandma Hanes home. My mother & Grandmother each bought me a doll at every time that they could remember hearing them talk about what each was going to get me or what Santa might bring me. I only had a brother so I played with balls or played with trucks in the dirt or climbed around on things. When I was inside I had all kind of dolls, cloths, blankets, bottles & what ever I needed for my family. I took some of my family with me when I married and still have them. When I had a daughter she always received a doll from me & my mother then came the great grand daughters so bought them a Barbie doll each Christmas and one thing led to another. I keep seeing a noticed a notice about a doll club meeting in Searcy so one day I checked it out and I have been hooked ever since. I have a collection of Hitty dolls and give programs when I am ask. I have Madam Alexander dolls including Cissy & many 8 inch charter doll, a collection of Gone With the Wind dolls, Kewpie dolls & figureines, Alice in wonderland, baby dolls, smaller artist dolls, several Ruth Gibbs dolls and then there is my Antique dolls.

I attended my first UFDC Convention in New Orleans :"A French Reflection " 1991. I cannot remember how many I have attended but I have been blessed many times. I have met so many people & have lasting friends from this group. I am looking forward to Kansas City in July 2015.

I will be ending my three years as Region 7 RD. It has been a blessing to serve UFDC in this way.