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I’ve had dolls since I was a baby, thanks to my grandmother. I grew to enjoy the creations of the American composition doll makers, especially Effanbee. When introduced to the German bisque dolls, Kestner became a favorite. I collect paper dolls as well as many of the UFDC convention dolls and items.

I enjoy crocheting and other types of needle work especially while making doll sized items. The Mary Hoyer patterns are some of my favorites.
Besides my doll life, I am still deeply immersed in a musical life of playing bassoon, conducting a youth orchestra and teaching various college music classes. I also have a small collection of Mickey Mouse watches and do enjoy taking our youth orchestra to Disneyland every few years.
My husband and I will celebrate our 43rd anniversary in 2015 and my siblings (3 more sisters and 1 brother) and their families are always included in our life’s picture.